Roofing Methods for Controlling Algae and Moss

In July 21, 2015
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Roofing Methods for Controlling Algae and MossMoss and algae are commonly found in shaded sections of roofing, but can accumulate anywhere. Once there, they become a problem in a number of ways. If moss becomes too thick it may cause water retention and lead to decay of the roofing materials. Algae is not necessarily destructive, but the black patches it creates are unattractive. Removing these annoyances is important, but damage is possible if done incorrectly.

Avoid Rakes and Shovels

Too often people choose to deal with the issue of moss in the fastest manner possible. This means getting on a ladder and physically scraping away the growth. The concern with this method is that it will not do anything to eliminate the algae or prevent moss from returning. In fact, it may spread spores that could make the next batch even more widespread. Loose or damaged shingles are often torn off along with the moss, resulting in the need for repair.

Professional Chemical Treatments

Destroying algae and moss and preventing its returning is possible with the use of chemical sprays. A pressure washer can assist to eliminate all of the debris. Since it is possible to cause damage with a pressure washer, it is important to only allow someone with experience to attempt this type of cleaning. Regular applications of the moss and algae killing chemicals will help to prevent any future growth. These products require new applications, preferably from a professional roofer, about once every three years.

Installing New Shingles 

If a new roof is a necessity anyways, replacing the shingles offers the perfect opportunity to prevent future damage or unsightly streaks. Algae-resistant shingles are available to reduce this type of concern. They are not guaranteed, as very shaded areas will still face some risk. Trimming trees or other vegetation that prevents sun exposure is also effective. Metal roofing materials are resistant to algae and moss too, making them a good solution for many homes.

The appearance and condition of a roof can dramatically affect the value of a home. Despite the fact that algae is not a sign of roof damage, many home buyers still see it as a potential for problems. Keeping the roof free of moss and algae is a cost-effective task that will repay the homeowner greatly over time.

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