Siding Replacement and Repair

Siding Replacement and Repair

Are you planning to replace or repair your siding but don’t have the budget for it? You can actually save money by having experts help with your Dallas siding repair, installation and replacement. Experts can reduce the cost by focusing on the quality process that reduces the overall cost of siding replacement or the need for new siding with repairing it properly.  Some people try to do it themselves. For first timers, it can really be difficult knowing that you have to do it alone. Which will make it difficult for you to get a professional result of your project. You can save money with a DIY siding replacement and repair for small projects but if you not an expert it might not be worth it.

If you opt to do Dallas siding repair, installation or replacement with us, ZIP Roofing will you will get a professional quality that last for years. Offering excellent and high standard commercial and residential roofing services, you can trust we are experts at the home exterior construction services.

This is the quality process we use at Zip Roofing to help you get a lasting result. Here are the step-by-step process.

Dallas Siding Repair, Installation & Replacement Process:

  1. Start with repairing the siding

The first thing we do is to repair the siding by removing the nails installed to it. Using a utility knife, work on the damages on the lap. Afterwards, get rid of the nails then separate the board at the center using a claw hammer. Pull out the damaged board then replace the new board after the nails have been removed. Galvanized nails should be used in nailing the new board to fix in place.

  1. Fasten the sheathing and freize board

If ever the current wall sheathing has been damaged, then we put up a fascia board. Mark a line for the transition or freize board as a reference point for cutting the flashing. We make sure that the flashing is slipped under the wall sheathing to prevent moisture from coming in.

  1. Cut the planks together with the cement board

Cutting 2 pieces of the cement board is the third step in the procedure. The board should go directly above the drip cap then piece by piece, you need to tap the board for the shingle panels. A nailing sider is used to put the starter strip in place but we use a wider plank to get the proper angle.

  1. Place the planks in place

Begin with the shingle panels. They should be attached in line with the studs. To guarantee that everything will work out accordingly, we start working in the center and see to it that all the panels will end up in one place and all other ends will be at its place.

Repairing and replacing siding takes a lot of work that should be done with quality. But if we do it right, you will certainly love to see the outcome knowing that we gave you the best results. You can trust ZIP Roofing to ensure you get quality Dallas siding repair, installation, & replacement.


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