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In May 25, 2015
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If you’ve ever taken the time to gaze up at commercial and residential roofs, one thing will become evident right away. Commercial and residential roofs are just built differently. They frequently rely on distinctive designs, roofing materials and building codes. As such, we like to use top-notch, commercial roofing materials manufactured by GAF™ and others.

Commercial Roofing OptionsWhy We Love GAF™ Commercial Roofing Materials

We’ve found that GAF’s collection of commercial roofing materials has great depth and breadth. For example, they have modified bitumen, built-up, solar, garden and liquid roofing materials. But they’re not the only commercial roofing materials on offer. They produce plaza deck systems, cements, fasteners, adhesives, coatings, insulation and more. Therefore, we can assist business owners in Addison with a wide range of commercial roof installations and repair services.

North Dallas Businesses Love Them Too

In addition, the commercial roofing materials that we use offer business owners many advantages. For instance, they may be installed in cold or hot weather and are known to be low maintenance. They also resist punctures, oil, chemicals, grease and heat. Plus, some of the commercial roofing materials are light reflective too.

Light reflective, commercial roofing materials are proven to have advantages of their own. For example, they reduce incidents of heat island effect and help businesses save a substantial amount of money on their utility bills as well. And if you don’t find light reflective, commercial roofing materials to suit your space in GAF’s collection, don’t worry. We work with other commercial roofing materials’ manufacturers.

CertainTeed and Owens Corning™ Commercial Roofing Materials

Among them are CertainTeed and Owens Corning™. CertainTeed makes a number of products compatible with commercial building codes whereas Owens Corning™ manufactures commercial insulation. Oh, and all three companies back their commercial roofing materials up with warranties. To learn more about them and have your business’ roof inspected or repaired, please contact us. Zip Roofing is located in Addison, TX and we service commercial buildings in the surrounding areas too.

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